An Aveda trained hairstylist and L'Oal colour artist helping clients to express themselves in beautifully bold ways across the Toronto region.

Year: 2018
Client: Jennifer Van, Hair by Nif​​​​​​​

step one: define
A confident, dedicated hairstylist, Jennifer ambitiously looks to help her clients achieve their hair goals. 
Jennifer wanted business cards to distribute that would also help clients better understand her brand "Hair by Nif". 
Jennifer works in an upscale salon in Toronto, primarily servicing females with balayage, highlights, and fun colours.
Working with high-end clients, the colour palette was kept to black and white to maintain a sleek, confident, and clean look. 
Bold, Modern, Luxurious, Precise, Clean

step two: sketch & mock-up
As Jennifer doesn't personally own a salon, there was no need for a logo, so much as a professional business card. 
Considering the important elements and placement of information, I started sketching and mocking up a series of business card designs.
step three: design
While sketching concepts for the business card, I ended up designing a wordmark. Although not a logo in an official capacity, it acts as a strong element that supports Jennifer's personal brand and acts as a recognizable brand mark. 
step four: expand
As Jennifer builds out her clientele and services her clients in the near future, she will be set with a strong business card, with a brand mark that can be further developed as a brand logo.