A brand is more than just a logo.
A brand defines who your business is. It is a visual representation of your company's goals and visions. Having a strong brand helps to send a consistent message to your clients about who you are through your website, your social media, and all aspects of your business. 
Why is a brand so important? 
The better your customers and clients understand your business, your services, and your value, the more likely they will support your growth. 
Professional Business Cards (Starting at $125) 
This quote includes complimentary consultation sessions and professional design for business cards. This also includes helping to acquire quotes and procure business cards. Typically takes 1-2 weeks.
Cost of business card printing not included. 
Basic Branding Package (Starting at $250) 
This basic branding package covers the business essentials. Typically takes 2-3 weeks. 
✓ A main logo
✓ A business or loyalty card
✓ Price list (printed or social) 
✓ All final files via Google Drive 

Branding Essentials Package (Starting at $400) 
This advanced branding package covers all your branding needs. Typically takes 3-4 weeks. Includes everything from the Basic Branding Package, plus
✓ An alternate logo and a submark 
Social highlight covers x5
Flyer/card design  
Branding pattern 
Professional Headshots 
A 30 minute photoshoot providing photos for professional use. 
Photoshoot will yield 3-5 photos for professional use. Editing and touch ups included.

Technical Photography 
This quote includes a 2-hour single location photoshoot. Model directing and special photography equipment will be provided. 
Photo editing available for a premium. 

Candid and Event Photography 
This quote includes a multi-location photoshoot. Model directing and props may be requested.  
Photo editing available for a premium. 
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